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Cooking up some songtime

October 27, 2009


In preparation for our church’s upcoming primary program, in which our entire family is participating, we reviewed all the songs at home. Taking a cue from our song leader (and borrowing her props), we “cooked” the songs while singing, and then decided if they were gooey, half-baked, or ready for consumption.


We did pretty well, with only a few dough-like songs in the batch.

Addison oven

Asher, however, needs a bit more practice, but gets brownie points for looking completely edible in a chef’s hat.

Asher chef close

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  1. October 29, 2009 3:41 am

    Oh how fun! Can i come visit!!!! Those boys look so cute, and asher….how did he get so cute!? I miss them so much!

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