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Letters from the North–part 1

December 7, 2009
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Dear Boys,

This is snow! It is light and fluffy and so much colder than I remember. It covers the whole landscape in a white blanket. I feel like Lucy in Narnia. I tried to build you a snowman, but the snow is so dry and powdery, just like powdered sugar, and it wouldn’t stick together, no matter how hard I tried.

So I made you a snow angel instead:

I wasn’t dressed right for snow at all, and it crept right up through my socks, and seeped into my mittens. But I did get to taste it, and it was as yummy as a snow cone.

Here is the finished snow angel:

It’s almost good enough to stick on top of our Christmas tree, don’t you think?

I love you and miss you so much. Asher misses you too. Be good for Dad.



  1. Meredith permalink
    December 7, 2009 5:39 pm

    This is so cute!
    I live in utah and I didn’t even dare go outside. You rock!

  2. Christa Yancy permalink
    December 7, 2009 9:34 pm

    Holy cow, what fun!! Where are you?!?!

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