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First snow

November 21, 2011


Scarves and hats and snowpants and sleds and down jackets and mittens…oh my!

The entire crew missed the bus today. We were all relearning how it all goes on, and in what order. (Please no mittens ’til you zip that jacket!) Then, upon dropping the kids off at school, half their gear was left in the car, so I had to make a second emergency drop-off with sneakers for gym and forgotten mittens.

Oh, snow!

But in the dark of night (6 p.m.–ahem), when we all venture outside to sled and create massive snowmen, hunting around for pinecone eyes and stick arms, rolling those snowballs around and around, teaching a 2-year-old the proper way to throw a snowball, spreading our arms into snow angels and marveling, always marveling at this miracle substance that makes bearable an otherwise unbearably long season, then I am grateful, even for that jumble of gear in my laundry room.

I hope you’re staying warm in your corner of the world!

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  1. Lgh permalink
    November 22, 2011 7:11 am

    This snow post doesn’t make me jealous at all. Glad you are enjoying and appreciating it, Tiff.

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